Killeentierna Youth Club

“Currow, Currans & Kilscarcon.”

Upcoming Events

Croke Park Trip - 3 March 2018:

Taking deposit Tuesday night 9 to 9.30 because of high cost of bus.

Bus Leaving Currow Church at 11.45 a.m  Saturday.
We will Stop at Junction 14 for Food on way up and down.

Ladies Game at 5.p.m and Men's Game at 7.p.m and we will be back in Currow at 1.15 a.m
Cost of Bus is €20 and Match Tickets are €5

Because of the high Cost of the Bus, we will have to take a €15 deposit from all those going at 9.p.m to 9.30 p.m in Currow Hall on Tuesday Night, and if you can't be there yourself, please get as friend to pay for you. Consent Form must be Filled by all those going on Trip. Click here to download Consent Form

Events For The Rest of the Year:

Feb 23rd: Club Night (Uni Hoc, Music in Upstairs Room, The Moving Game and Taking Names for Club Outings March 3rd and 9th and Disco March 16th)

March 3rd: Club Outing to Kerry Ladies and Mens Matches in Croke Park

March 9th: Club Outing (to be confirmed)

March 16th: Club Outing to No Name Disco in Killarney

March 23rd: Club Night ( Indoor Soccer, Charades in Upstairs Room, Winking Game)

March 30th: Club Closed for Good Friday

April 6th:  End of Year Disco in Currow Hall

April 13th: Village Clean Up and taking Names for Trobolgan

April 20th:  Annual Club Mass (Provisional)

April 22nd: Club Outing to Trobolgan Activity Centre in Cork ( Zip Wire, Carting, Paint Balling, Swimming Pool)

Consent Form For Members Not Travelling On Club Buses ...

Due to the large number of members we have signed up this year, any member who does not travel to/from a club event, such as a disco, on the organised bus, will need to complete a consent form and have it signed by a parent/guardian. This form will need to be handed to a club leader on the night of the event.

Similarly, any member who wishes to be dropped in Castleisland, on the way home from an event, must also complete this form and hand it to a club leader when getting on the bus.

Consent forms will be available at club nights and they can also be downloaded at any time by clicking HERE

Members who do not use the form, will be excluded from attending future events.

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