Killeentierna Youth Club

“Currow, Currans & Kilscarcon.”

Stay Up To Date With Events - SPOND App

This year we will be using an app called SPOND to notify all members and parents of events.

The app is available for both Android & Apple IOS , and if you don't have the app , you will receive a text.

Members and parents will be able to accept or decline the events to confirm attendance.


Upcoming Events

Halloween Mid Term Break

We are closed on Friday 1st November for the Halloween Mid Term break.

See you all again next week for a Club Night on 8th November.

No Name Disco : Killarney : 25 Oct 19

The bus will leave Currow Village at 7.15 p.m and will not be going to Castleisland as previously announced.

Bus will return to Den Joe's in Castleisland at 11.30p.m approx and to Currow Village at 12.15 a.m approx.

Cost of entry to the Disco is €10 (the money raised goes to Charity) and the Cost of the Bus will be €5.

If you want to go to the Disco and have not given your name at the Club on last Friday night then please respond on the SPOND app ( ) before 11pm Wednesday October 23rd.

Names received after this date will not be able to travel as it is too short notice to organise a bus Seat.

Event Reports & Previous Events

Bowling 11th October 2019 - Tralee

The Club is up and running for the 2019/2020, with a huge number of young people in attendance again this year.

On Friday October 11th the Club went on its first Outing of the year when 147 members traveled to the Bowling Alley in Tralee and had a great night out.

Leaders Erin O'Connor, Lorna O'Shea, Maeve Leane, Edel Brosnan, Ciara Fitzgerald and Moss Leane were in charge on the night.

We would like to thank Paudie Collins for all his help organising buses at short Notice.

2018 News

Village Cleanup & Tayto Park Trip

See our Facebook Page for full details

No Name Disco - St. Patrick's Weekend - Killarney

We will be attending The Killarney No Name Club's St Patrick's Day Disco in McSorley's this Friday night March 15th.

Bus will leave Currow at 7.15.p.m and will return to Den Joe's in Castleisland at 11.30 p.m and to Currow at 12 midnight approx.

The Cost of the Bus will be €5 and the Cost of the Disco is €10 (Money goes to Charity).

Club Members wanting to go must give their names on our Facebook page or to a Leader by Wednesday night.

Bowling - 1st Feb 2019

We are going to the Bowling Alley in Tralee on Friday 1st Feb.

Cost including bus will be €10 

Names must be given to a leader or on our Facebook page by 10pm on Thursday 31st Jan

Bus leaving Currow at 8.15p.m and Garvey's in Castleisland at 8.35p.m

Bus returning to Den Joe's in Castleisland at 10.25p.m and Currow Village at 11.00 p.m

Ice Skating - 14 December 2018

None of our Members allowed to go to the Brosna Disco this Friday all Disco's this year KDYS Members only; so we going Ice Skating in Killarney instead. 

Club going Ice Skating this Friday December 14th. Bus leaving Currow at 8.p.m and returning to Currow again at 11.p.m approx.

Cost of the Skating is €11 and Bus is €5, Total Cost €16.

Because the Club's Insurance doesn't cover Ice Skating, everyone going to the Skating will have to have a Consent Form Signed by their parents if they want to go Skating on the night. The Form can be downloaded HERE or can be got from The Leaders when dropping Members at the Bus on Friday night and Signed then.

No Form = No Skating.

Members that want to go Skating must put their names on the Facebook Page or Text a Leader with your name before Thursday night Dec 13th; as numbers must be Confirmed to the Skating Ring on Friday morning. If members turn up on Friday night without giving their names before hand, we may not have a seat on the Bus to take them Skating.

No Name Disco - 21 December 2018

We will be going to the No Name Disco in Mc Sorley's on Friday December 21st. bus Leaving Currow at 7.p.m and returning to Den Joe's at 11.30 p.m approx and to Currow at 12 midnight approx.

Cost of the Disco is €10 (money raised goes to Charity) and €5 for Bus, Total €15.

Anyone that wants to go to the Disco must put their name on Facebook or Text or Ring a Leader by Wednesday Dec 19th. If you Turn up on Friday 21st without giving your name before hand, we may not have a Seat on the Bus to take you to the Disco.

Bowling - 23 November 2018

We are going Bowling to Tralee on next Friday night November 23rd.

The Bus will leave Currow Village at 7.p.m and will also pick up outside Garvey's in Castleisland at 7.25 p.m. Returning to Den Joe's in Castleisland at 9.30.p.m and to the Square in Currow at 10.10.p.m approx.

The Cost of the Bus is €4 and the Bowling is €6 Total Cost €10.

Anyone who has given their name at the Youth Club on the last 2 Friday nights and can't make it on Friday please put your name on our Facebook page before Wednesday evening. Likewise if anyone who was not at the Club on Friday wants to go Bowling then they need to give their names on our Facebook page before Wednesday evening to enable us to ensure we get a big enough bus.

Killeentierna Youth Club Disco - 30 November 2018

We will be holding our own Disco in Currow hall on Friday November 30th, starting at 9.p.m and finishing at 12 midnight.

The Disco is open to Youth Club Members from other Clubs as we have an Open Insurance.

Entry to the Disco will cost €3 for Killeentierna Members and €5 for other Club Members.

Shopping & Cinema in Limerick - 8 December 2018

On Saturday December 8th, we will travel to Limerick for Shopping & the Cinema.

More Details Soon.

No Name Disco Killarney

We are going to the No Name Club Disco in Killarney on Friday night 26th October.

Bus in Currow at 7pm . Cost is €5 for bus and €10 for Disco (Money Raised goes to Charity).

Names will be taken on Facebook (Click here) until Tuesday night Oct 23rd, but we can't take any more after this as we have to book the tickets .

Youth Club Re-Opening

Youth Club will re-open on Friday 28th September in Currow Hall from 8pm to 10pm.

Old & New members welcome, and the club is open to all secondary school age teenagers.

Membership forms available on the night, or can be downloaded here


End of Year Round Up 2018:

The Club has had a very busy few weeks, hosting our final disco in Currow Hall on April 6th and taking part in the County Clean up effort on April 13th.

Disco April 6th: Over 200 young people attended our end of year disco on April 6th, and had a great night. Our thanks to the members from neighboring clubs who attended and to Junior Leaders Emma O'Regan, Edel Brosnan, Ciara Fitzgerald, Aaron Fleming, Padraig Fleming, Eilish Brosnan, Michael Daly, Siobhain Brosnan, Aine Sheehan and Leaders Marie Keane, Bridget O'Shea, Fiona Nelligan McGuire, Amy Galway, Erin O'Connor, Mike McCarthy and Moss Leane who were in charge on the night.

County Cleanup: On Friday night last April 13th, 38 club members joined with Peter O'Connor of the Currow Rural Development Group to make our own small contribution to the County Clean up when we collected rubbish from all the approach roads into Currow Village. We would like to thank all the young people who took part and also our Junior Leaders Siobhain Brosnan and Eilish Brosnan and Leaders Bridget O'Shea, Fiona Nelligan McGuire and Moss Leane who supervised on the night



  1. Juan Brugada, Padraig Brosnan, Cathal Brosnan, TJ O'Connor
  2. Hillary O'Connor, Fiona Brosnan, Kelly Ann Nix, Billy Conway, Katelyn Curtin, Emma Buckley, Saoirse McKenna
  3. Darragh Kelly, Shane Og McGaley, Peter Burke
  4. Peter Burke, Cathal Brosnan, Darragh Kelly, Padraig Brosnan, Eilish Brosnan, Juan Brugada, Fiona Brosnan, TJ O'Connor, Saoirse McKenna,Oisin Shannahan, Juilanne Murphy, Shane Og McGaley, Siobhain Brosnan, Emma Buckley, Peter O'Connor, Hillary O'Connor

2017/2018 Roundup: It has been a very busy and difficult year for the Club as we were forced to operate as an Independent Club on our own, but thanks to the fantastic work of our Leaders and Junior Committee we have once again managed to run a fabulous Year of Activities for our 189 Members, and even though we were an Independent Youth Club we were once again the biggest Youth Club in the County.

Our Junior Committee for 2017/18 was:

Our Leaders for 2017/2018 were:

Consent Form For Members Not Travelling On Club Buses ...

Due to the large number of members we have signed up this year, any member who does not travel to/from a club event, such as a disco, on the organised bus, will need to complete a consent form and have it signed by a parent/guardian. This form will need to be handed to a club leader on the night of the event.

Similarly, any member who wishes to be dropped in Castleisland, on the way home from an event, must also complete this form and hand it to a club leader when getting on the bus.

Consent forms will be available at club nights and they can also be downloaded at any time by clicking HERE

Members who do not use the form, will be excluded from attending future events.

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