Killeentierna Youth Club

“Currow, Currans & Kilscarcon.”

Club Rules ...

1. Club nights are from 8pm until 10pm. Doors will close at 8:15pm sharp. After this time, any member wishing to come in must have a parent with them to explain lateness.

2. Members are not allowed to leave club nights before 10pm unless collected by a parent.

3. Members must at all times show respect for:
a) Leaders
b) Junior Leaders
c) Committee Members
d) Club Hall
e) Youth Club Property
f) Other youth club members

4. No Smoking is allowed on club nights or outings.

5. No Drink/Drugs are allowed on club nights or outings.

6. All members must travel to club events on the bus provided, unless leaders are contacted by a parent beforehand.

7. If members do not return to Currow on the way back from an outing , eg stay in Castleisland when we stop for food, parents must give permission in advance..

8. Discos:
a) Clothing must be appropriate
b) Bags must be left on the bus
c) No bottles will be allowed into discos
d) Members must show respect for themselves and others at discos